About Taekwondo+

Concept of the brand:

As the name of the brand suggests, this is more than just Taekwondo. The idea is to take to new horizons and bring in innovations apart from regular professional coaching. The brand was built with the concept of using the art of Taekwondo for self defense, fitness and wellness workouts along with corporate seminars and Taekwondo merchandise.
With Taekwondo Plus, we want to enable everyone not only to be self-sufficient when it comes to fitness and self-defense, but also to be disciplined and focused. A nation which is disciplined and focused automatically goes a long way.

Vision & Mission:

The brand Taekwondo Plus’s vision is to promote the art of Taekwondo to the level where the sport is widely recognized and to ensure benefit to everyone connected to the sport. Keeping this vision in mind, the mission is to ensure each and every coach, student and academy attached to the sport receives benefit and acknowledgement for their hard work and dedication to the art.

Why Us?

Let’s be frank – you deserve the best. And you’ll get the best only from the people who are the best!
We at H.U.F.A. are into training for professional Taekwondo and we are associated with academies like Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) and WTF. Under the guidance of international gold medalist, Hardik Unadket, we provide the best training. With personal supervision and ensured expertise, you not only get to learn a form of martial arts but along with it, gain confidence, learn to manage your weight and also attain increased concentration.
The academy has an in-house nutritionist to guide you with customized diets as per your workouts and body type. The workouts involved are extremely sports specific. H.U.F.A. also manages sports events, promotional events and organizes seminars as well. Batches are held in small groups so that everyone gets adequate and personal attention. Special attention is given to each and every child. The academy focuses on wellness workout for all types of people, from every section of the society, ranging from ages 4 yrs and above.


We cater to all segments of the society and see to it that everyone is given equal attention and importance. We provide certifications and training, which are recognized worldwide. We also coach and look into needs of special population children.

Our Achievements

Hardik Unadket’s Achievements:

  • Gold medalist in Kendriya Vidyalaya District Games (2005).
  • Bronze medalist in Open National Championship (2010).
  • Won first international gold medal in the 6th World Cultural Expo at Seoul, Korea (2012).
  • Bronze medalist at Open National Level Championship held in Delhi (2014).
Team Taekwondo+

A group of high-spirited, dedicated and professional individuals form the core team of Taekwondo+.