About Taekwondo

About Taekwondo

The simplest translation of the word Taekwondo is hand and foot art. To understand what that means, all you need to do is break the word into three smaller words and understand their meaning. Here is how:

Tae means to jump or to kick; basically the art of self-defense which uses the foot.

Kwon means to strike with the fist or to block with hand; indicating the usage of hand.

Do means art.

When we put them together, we get the art of hand and foot. Taekwondo is a self-defense technique which mainly comprises of usage of the hand and the foot. While it might seem simple, the art involves difficult and high level of discipline and self-control. It is a Korean art form and should not be confused with Karate at any point.

The very first Taekwondo School which is also known as Kwan, was in Young Chun, in the city of Seoul, Korea. This was in the year 1945. It is a Korean martial art which emphasizes mainly on kicks and was developed in the 1940s.

The art not only keeps you fit, but also helps build self-esteem by increasing your mental and physical strength. It develops a discipline in you by training your mind as well as your body. Self-defense, physical fitness and mental clarity are what you can take from Taekwondo. You gain the courage to take control of your life and develop the discipline which helps you in other aspects of life as well.

A student of Taekwondo progresses through various stages. Each stage is denoted with a belt and the first belt a beginner needs to earn is the White belt. Then on, students need to earn the Yellow, Yellow I, Green, Blue, Blue I, Red, Red-I, Poom Dan, 1st Dan Black and on to the 9th Dan belt. The belts indicate a student’s progress. The journey from the White belt to the 2nd Dan belt takes about 5 years.

Taekwondo has a huge impact on children, and even more on special population children. It increases their self-esteem and self-confidence, helps them control their weight and also helps in increasing their concentration. They can stand up against being bullied and believe that they can take care of themselves, physically. Taekwondo also helps in development of brain and coordination in children.


Anyone who is above the age of four can learn and master Taekwondo. Anyone can join our classes though we are the happiest when we have elders, special population kids and other young kids joining our batches.