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What Is Taekwondo?

Tae means to jump or to kick; basically the art of self-defense which uses the foot.
Kwon means to strike with the fist or to block with hand; indicating the usage of hand.
Do means art.

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Why Taekwondo Plus?

We are into training for professional Taekwondo and we are associated with organisations like Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) and WTF.

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About HUFA

H.U.F.A. was started in 2011; right after Hardik achieved his first certification in the form of degree as a personal fitness trainer from BFY Academy, Mumbai.

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Benefits Of Taekwondo

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Enhance your self-esteem

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Build confidence

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Develop discipline

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Teach self-defense

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Strengthen your mind and body


H.U.F.A. was started in 2011; right after Hardik achieved his first certification in the form of degree as a personal fitness trainer from BFY Academy, Mumbai. Few of Hardik Unadket’s other qualifications and expertise include - Rehab Trainer and Master Rehab Trainer which from Rehab Trainer, Australia; Zumba Fitness Trainer from Bangkok and a certified Pilates Trainer.

While you can avail Hardik’s services as a personal trainer, he also does batches for special population kids.

Classes are held in:

South Mumbai: Parel | Lower Parel | Grant Road | Worli | Napean Sea Road | Kemps Corner | Malabar Hill | Cuffe Parade | Colaba

Central Suburbs: Ghatkopar | Chembur | Powai

Western Suburbs: Bandra | Vile Parle | Goregaon | Malad | Borivali | Kandivali

Clubs: Pyramid Kids, Ghatkopar | Acres Club: Chembur | Otters Club: Bandra

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Journey So Far!

Our milestones and stats in this two decade journey:

Students Trained

Expert Faculty

Years Of Experience

Years Of Training


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  • Jash Shah

    It all started when I was only 7. My parents took me to join Hardik sir’s Taekwondo class. The first time I attended a class, I was sure that I wouldn’t be here for more than a week. But soon my attitude changed. I started loving sir & my pals in my batch, and of course, Taekwondo. As I started enjoying my classes, I started giving my 100 % to it and went on to achieve good results. I also started positioning better in the belt ranking system. I have won a gold medal for Taeguek and a silver medal for Sparring in class competitions. Recently, I had gone to Korea where I won a bronze for Sparring in the Chuncheon Korea Open Championship. I am glad to be a part of Hardik Sir’s Taekwondo team.

  • Arya Gupta

    It was in 2010 that I started learning Taekwondo just because all my friends at school were doing so. I was only 5 years old. Slowly, I started loving it and now I do it not for peer pressure but because it has become a way of life. It is fun to practice with friends – it doesn’t seem like a practice, actually. After I got my yellow belt, I took a sabbatical for a year since we were in the process of shifting houses. I moved on with other learning centers close by, but the interest for Taekwondo didn’t develop there. In January 2013, I signed up with H.U.F.A. and Hardik sir. It has been an unforgettable journey since then. Sir has become my source of inspiration and he is my mentor. He taught me discipline not only towards the sport but also to focus & train my mind. I have participated in numerous competitions under his guidance. He has trained us hard for these competitions and made us more confident in every aspect.
    I won my first gold medal for Sparring-Kyorugi at our school inter-house competition. I also won the first prize for Poomsae at Hardik sir’s seminar last year. I went on to win the gold for Poomsae at the Universal Taekwondos Championship in 2014. Thank you Hardik sir, for making me what I am today. I hope the passion for taekwondo makes the years ahead an incredible journey.

  • Dhrruv Dedhia

    I started learning Taekwondo about 3-4 years ago. Initially, I didn’t like Taekwondo mainly because it would take me many years to earn a black belt. The black belt was my dream and I hated having to wait for it. Somehow I stayed patient for few years and practiced hard. Today, I am two steps away from earning my black belt. I am red 1 belt holder now. I have achieved a gold medal in fighting and a silver medal in Taegeuk in national levels, a silver and gold in inter-class tournaments and a bronze medal in the International Open Taekwondo Championship held in Korea. Now, I realize how important self-defense is in today’s world where kidnapping, robbery and other crimes are increasing drastically.

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